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Sims 2: Apocalypse-themed BACC rules

I shared these on tumblr when I wrote them, but they are good for LJ too, yes they are. These are almost the same as the ones where I mashed up rules of my own with those from nepheris, but with an apocalypse theme thrown in as well. I was thinking of incorporating a lot of the actual Apocalypse Challenge rules but it was too complicated and I knew I wouldn't stick with it. XD Feel free to use them, squish them into a challenge better suiting your gameplay, etc!

Starting Out

As per the starting out in Nepheris’s rules, set up your founding families. HOWEVER, if you end up with more than eight sims, adjust your numbers to limit it to eight. Keep track of which sims are considered a household, but begin with all sims in the same lot.

Create the 4 households that are coming along on the trip. Every household can have a max number of 3 sims, and can only be adults or elders. Either choose the sims per household, and their looks, personality, aspiration, etc yourself, or go for the random method listed here. Go with what you prefer and would find most rewarding to play.

A random number between 1 and 30 must be rolled for every CAS household. This number x 1,000 will to determine how much money that household should start with. Pool all of these in the one starting household, but keep track. When it comes time for the settlers to split into separate households, deduct the cost of building the safe house and share it evenly between the households.

Roll a d6 to determine the number of Sims for every family:

1-2 : 1 sim

3-4 : 2 sims

5-6 : 3 sims

For every Sim, roll a d6 to determine their gender:

1-3: male

4-6: female

For every Sim, roll a d6 to determine their aspiration:

1: Pleasure

2: Romance

3: Knowledge

4: Family

5: Popularity

6: Fortune

For every Sim, roll a d6 to determine their personality:

1-3: Column A

4-6: Column B

Column A:

1: Aquarius

2: Pisces

3: Aries

4: Taurus

5: Gemini

6: Cancer

Column B:

1: Leo

2: Virgo

3: Libra

4: Scorpio

5: Sagittarius

6: Capricorn

For every Sim, roll a d6 to determine whether they’re a creature Sim.

1-2: Your Sim’s a creature! Move on to the next roll to determine what they are.

3-6: Your Sim’s just the regular house and garden variety.

(alternately, reverse the numbers for more supernaturals. Helps with challenges and YAY SUPERNATURALS)

1: Zombie

2: Vampire

3: Werewolf

4: Alien*

5: Witch

6: Plantsim

*Feel free to adopt my Seahorse alien rules, in which any male sim who has had an alien child or has an alien ancestor has the chance of getting pregnant from woohoo, with the same odds as whatever you use for your female sims. EQUALITY MUAHAHAHAHAH.

Create a back story for your settler Sims. Write a short bio about all of them. Who are they? Where do they come from? How did they manage to survive the apocalypse? What are their personalities, their relationships with the other Sims in their household?

Build a safe house/bunker for your sims to inhabit, but only allow 1 ‘icebox’, 1 ‘wood stove’, no running water (showers), no electricity (but candle-shaped lights are allowed).

Once the households separate, feel free to play in either seasonal rotations or weekly rotations. Just insure that you play each household for an equal amount of time.


- No electronics. The old power grid is gone, and none of your settlers has the know-how to repair it. This includes TVs, stereos, computers, electronic games, burglar and fire alarms. Some doomsday preppers (who unfortunately died in the initial cataclysm) had iceboxes (cheapest fridge) and woodstoves (shinytime cooktop or barbecue) which you have scrounged from the wreckage. Workstations are not included in this restriction.

- No running water. There’s no reservoir in the area, and no plumbing to boot. Your sims can take baths, use the bathroom and cook with water from a local source (river, lake…) that they purified. But no showers, no garden sprinklers, no fountains, and definitely no swimming pools.

- No cars. When your settlers arrived in town they took along a supply of petrol to get this far, but the closest gas station is simply too far away to make regular driving feasible.

- No delivery service of any kind. That includes groceries, pizza and chinese food.

- Sims may not call for any services, unless the following conditions are met. For the Nanny/babysitting, there must be an ELDER sim in the neighborhood. For adoption, the sims must have a closed-in home with everything a child needs. Other than that, adoption is always open, as there will be many children needing homes after the disaster. All other service calls are unlocked when the population reaches 500, except Pizza and Chinese Food delivery, which are locked until the population reaches 3,000.

- No townies. Your settlers are literally the only people in town as of yet.

-Servos, and all other supernaturals, are allowed, and count in the population, provided they are played. A room full of powered down servos would not count.

- No fertilising gardening plots. The land is wild and has never been tilled before, and it will take a while before it can yield good crops. Gardening is only allowed for plantsims. (if you don’t get a plantsim in your first lot of settlers, keep trying with each newly added CAS sim!)

- No community lots. Your settlers are far too busy trying to get their own houses in order to go around building other structures. This includes both Sim-owned and City-Owned community lots. Home businesses are allowed, but:

- No businesses that sell anything other than items you crafted/grew/caught yourself. Where would you get them from, anyway?

- No hobby lots. They’re back in the city, miles and miles from where your settlers currently are.

-Sims may not have fire detectors or burglar alarms until a sim has become Captain Hero (top of Law Enforcement career). Then all emergency calls go straight to the hero, who comes to the rescue, much like Jimmy’s magic Superman-calling watch.

All careers start out locked, with the exception of the Politics career. This is ONLY open to your founder Sim, and represents his/her efforts leading your band of settlers, making connections with close-by cities, trying to get a working infrastructure, etc. More info on this further below.

The Sim Multiplier

The SM is the number that you multiply your number of playable Sims by in order to get the city’s population. Servos count as playable Sims. Pets do not.

+1 for your first community lot

+1 when you reach a total of 5 community lots

+1 for every additional 5 community lots

+5 for your Business District

+5 for your Downtown District

+5 for your University

Unlocking Neighbourhood Additions

Community Lots

Unlocked when your Founder is promoted to Campaign Manager. There are two ways to get a new community lot: Either a playable sim buys a plot of land and starts a business on it, or one is built with the City Funds (more on those later)

Every community lot placed in your town generates interest from Sims in surrounding cities, and ensures them that it would be a safe place to settle. You earn 1 CAS Sim per community lot.

All community lots must either be bought by a sim or earned by having 4 sim households. 4 households = 1 npc lot, 8 households = 2 npc lots, etc. Sims do NOT have to run a lot as a business, provided it is worth over $25,000. If it is worth less than that, sims must run their businesses at least one day a week. Once a family has owned a lot for 4 sim weeks, they may sell the lot back to the community, and it becomes an npc lot. (note: npc lots formed this way do not take up your npc spaces earned by having multiples of 4 households)

Sim-Owned Businesses:

Certain businesses have prerequisites that must be met before being purchased/built: (home businesses do not need to fulfil these)

- book store

Sim has written at least 5 books

- bakery

Sim has reached at least level 5 in cooking

- restaurant

Sim has reached at least level 8 in cooking

- toy shop

Sim has gold badge in toy making

- flower shop (see natural scientist restrictions)

Sim has gold badge in flower arranging

- clothing shop

Sim has gold badge in sewing

- Pottery shop

Sim has gold badge in pottery

- pet store

Family has one pet which learned all commands (including ‘use toilet’ for cats)

Connection to Downtown

Unlocked when your Founder reaches the top of the Politics career. He/She has successfully lobbied for a proper connection to SimCity, whether by train, bus, proper roadworks, ferry or monorail. Supplies are much easier to come by, and businesses can now sell items they didn’t craft themselves. Hobby lots can now be reached. The Mayor will be required to fund the start of the construction, costing the town $500,000

With the connection to SimCity established, your town sees an influx of new Sims. You earn 5 CAS Sims.


Separate college: Unlocked when your town’s teacher reaches the top of the Education career. He/She has gathered enough renown and connections to set up their own campus of SimStateUniversity. The Mayor will be required to fund the start of the construction, costing the town $500,000

The establishing of a new campus naturally draws new students to the area. You earn 5 YA CAS Sims.

In-hood college: If you are playing an in-hood university, once you have one Education minister and one other teacher (to take care of the kidlets), you may build a small “campus” with town funds. Your Education Minister understands that not all families can send their children away to university, and has set up an online study program (provided electricity is unlocked). You may now “send” students to university.

Shopping District

Unlocked when your population reaches 25,000, and your town has 5 player-owned businesses. The Mayor will be required to fund the acquisition and conversion of the new stretch of land, costing the town $1,000,000 (If you do not want to actually add a shopping district to your neighbourhood, you can still earn the extra SM and CAS sims by fulfilling the requirements and removing the money from the town funds.)

More businesses means more job openings, and your town attracts Sims looking for work. You earn 10 CAS sims.

Vacation Destinations:

These are unlocked after your neighborhood has a General (to provide protection) and a Cult Leader (to appease the zombies/ghosts) To go on vacation, a sim/family must own a car (to go to the airport - yes, even though the game sends a taxi to pick the sims up) and one sim must have that destination’s Secret Lot map in their inventory. (so, Hidden Burrow for ThreeLakes, Witch Doctor’s Hut for TwikkiIsland, etc) They must, of course, also be able to pay for the vacation.

Unlocking Careers

Athletic: The radiation affects people differently. Some are weakened, others given supersim strength. While the supersims enjoy getting together and playing games, no one has the time or connections to make it to the ‘big leagues’ - not that there are any big leagues left! However, as time goes on, and more and more communities rebuild, this can change. Once the Mayor has managed to make a proper connection to SimCity, your town’s local team will be able to properly compete with other teams, and hopefully reach the big leagues.

This career is open to any supernatural sim, however they may not progress past Level 4/Starter until the below requirements are met. Once the requirements have been met and a sim has become a Hall of Famer, this restriction is lifted. Non-supernatural sims may join the career once the neighborhood has a Mad Scientist (to attempt to counteract the effects of the radiation), a Chief of Staff (to help when these experiments go terribly wrong), and they have studied Physiology (so that they are fully aware of the risks.)

Requirements: Add connection to Downtown and build a sports-themed community lot. ($25,000). If you wish to use a TS3 rabbithole conversion instead, simply deduct these funds from the town funds.

Business: Barter is all well and good, but what about when you don’t WANT a dozen eggplants? And what about the unwashed masses of zombies who think sticks and rocks are really worth something? Once one of your Sims’s businesses reaches top rank, the owner fancies themselves quite the entrepreneur, and decides to take their business on to bigger and better things. They make contacts with surrounding cities and other businesses, and work hard to reach their goal: building out their business into a state-wide emporium and become a Business Tycoon.

Requirements: The Sim entering the career needs to have a top rank business. When they reach the top of the career, they’ll begin hiring more personnel, and it is unlocked for everyone.

Criminal: Who needs to steal when it is socially acceptable under the guise of reclaiming salvage? The only problem is, sometimes those things come with unwanted ‘visitors’ who go bump in the night.

Requirements: Once a Cult Leader has arisen to banish the spirits of the dead (or undead), a space opens in the Criminal career, and another opens when the population reaches a multiple of 100. The career is unlocked when a sim becomes a Dark Lord - s/he must be descended from a criminal mastermind, have alien blood, be a vampire, an evil witch/warlock, criminal mastermind, and own a 5x5 community lot representing an Evil Lair. (if this lot size is incompatible with your neighborhood style, feel free to adjust to suit)

Culinary: Not everyone’s a gifted cook, and even those who are occasionally like to eat without having to do the cooking and dishes afterwards. Your Sim understands this fact of life, and has opened a restaurant to fulfil their neighbour’s need for food cooked by somebody else, starting them off in an undoubtedly blossoming culinary career.

Requirements: This cannot be unlocked until the food supply has stabilized (see the Natural Scientist section). Once this has happened, the Sim entering the career has to open a restaurant business. It does not have to reach a particular rank, but needs to be played at least one day a week. Once they reach the top of the career they can start hiring personnel, and it is unlocked for everyone.

Law Enforcement: The town is in an uproar after its first zombie attack! (or, you know, garden variety burglary) Sims aren’t feeling safe in their houses anymore, and something must be done. Your Sim finds they’re just the man/woman for the job, and vows to protect and serve the Sims of their community.

Requirements: A position opens when the town has had its first burglary. Once the Sim has reached the top of the career, they build a Police Station with town funds ($30,000) and start recruiting more law enforcers, unlocking the career for everyone. Burglar alarms are unlocked, provided electricity has been established. Only one Sim can be Captain Hero at any given time.

Medical: Medicine is rudimentary, limited to what sims learned in your required high school first aide course, but as situations arise, one intrepid sim takes it upon theirself to make things better for everyone.

Requirements: When one of your Sims has fallen ill, and has passed on their disease to at least 2 other sims, a position opens to one Sim who has studied Physiology. Once they reach the top of the career , they build a Hospital with town funds ($70,000), unlocking the career for everyone with a University diploma in Biology.

Secondary optional restriction/requirement set for Medical: Babies, babies, babies everywhere! While most of the settlers know some forms of birth control that do not require special equipment (oo-er), many are not so fortunate. Eventually, tired of crying infants cluttering up the safe house, one exhausted sim decides to do something about it. Having studied physiology, they make woohoo safer for everyone. Yay! (If you choose to follow this bonus challenge as well as the above for Medical, all sims that are not Romance or Knowledge MUST ‘try for baby’ when woohooing. Once five babies have been born, an extra medical slot opens, and sims may stop trying for baby once the medical sim reaches Level 5/Resident. You may also choose to follow this rule rather than the ‘main’ way to unlock the Medical career.)

Military: Slots open in the military after the population reaches 250. Sims must live in an apartment lot representing barracks until they reach rank 8, 9, or 10. They may not have a family or spouse while they live in the barracks. If they get pregnant, they must quit their job, move out of the barracks, and may not rejoin.

Sims may move out after they reach rank 8, 9 or 10. They can then have a family/spouse/business/whatever.

If a sim is fired then they are relocated to an empty lot with 1,000 for every rank they achieved.

If a sim is rank 8, 9 or 10 when they lose their job, they are penalised 50% of their worth and must move to a new lot.

There can only be 1 General. If a sim is promoted to General, the older General must quit or retire. They may keep the house.

Politics: Once the town settled in, they agreed to officially elect the Sim that led them here (the Founder) as their leader. He/She works tirelessly to improve the city in any way they can, and collects taxes to help them build out the town’s infrastructure.


Households are divided into tiers based on their total funds (check from neighbourhood screen):

Upper Class (net worth $100,000+)

Middle Class (net worth $50,000-$99,000)

Lower Class (net worth $25,000-$49,000)

Poverty (net worth below $25,000)

Each tier earns the city tax per week based on the number of sims in that household:

Upper Class: $1,000/Sim

Middle Class: $500/Sim

Lower Class: $250/Sim

Poverty: $100/Sim

Taxes are paid on the last day of the week, directly to the Founder, who manages the town’s funds. Use Pescado’s money order to send the correct amount to the Founder, buy an item and transfer it, or use any other method you choose. The Founder’s income and the taxes come together into one big pool, and it will be up to them to decide whether to advance the town or build themselves a nice heated indoors swimming pool.

As the Founder works their way up the political vine, they unlock certain perks for their town. The founder cannot advance in the career without having fully unlocked the perks of their level. For example, to gain a promotion higher than Lobbyist, will need to have fulfilled all the requirements to unlock Electricity and Running Water. Use Cyjon’s Job Stopinator/method of choice to prevent your Founder from being promoted past the perk they’re currently working on.

Lobbyist: One of the first issues your Founder tackles is that of a proper infrastructure for the town. He/She will have to become Best Friends with a Sim who has maxed out the Mechanical skill, to help them out with the planning. Once they’ve done so, Electricity & Running Water are unlocked, provided each lot has solar panels and water piping. Sims may also now form their own households separate from the safehouse.

Campaign Manager: With the town up and running, the Founder can start focusing on attracting more inhabitants and stimulating commerce. He/She will have to become Best Friends with a Sim who runs a home business, for their first-hand experience in all things commercial. Once they’ve done so, Sims will be bolstered to start their own businesses and the town prospers, attracting newcomers. Community Lots and Townies unlocked. (You can now generate Townies with the townie gun, or create your own)

State Assembly Person: Slightly overwhelmed with all the political work on their plate, your Founder starts recruiting Sims to help him/her with managing the town. The Political career is now unlocked for everyone, but only one Sim can be Mayor at any given time.

Judge: The town is now large enough that it will need its own courthouse. Your Founder will have to become Best Friends with the Sim who is highest up the ladder in the Law Enforcement career. Once a successful working relationship with the town’s vigilantes has been established, the way is clear to start doing things by the book. The Law career is unlocked.

Mayor: The Founder’s tireless work for their town has been noted by officials in SimCity, and they’re so impressed that he/she is officially instated as the town’s Mayor. The new Mayor now holds enough clout to propose and finance larger projects. Ability to finance a connection to Downtown unlocked.

Science: Simkind has always needed those with an enquiring mind trying to find out how the world works (and invent some shiny things along the way.), and never so much as they do now. Your sim’s cold, hard logic and struggles to create new things from the ashes of the disaster are an inspiration to all.

Requirements: A slot will be earned every time a sim transitions to adult with maxed logic, or for every 3 electrocutions by electronics or lightning. The career is open to any Sim with maxed out logic skill and a gold badge in Robotics (requires electricity). Once they reach the top of the career, they build a research facility with town funds ($50,000) and the career is unlocked for everyone with a University degree in Physics (in addition to the above).

Slacker: Ain’t nobody got time for that. A community on the brink of disaster has no time for people who don’t pull their own weight. But once the worst is over, there’s plenty of places in which a Sim looking for the easy life can fit comfortably.

Requirements: A position is opened whenever a “club” community lot is placed.

It is unlocked once the city has a Downtown.

Adventure: Once a Cult Leader has emerged, adventurous sims can start to think about the bigger picture. Someone needs to go out there and find some stuff to convince the Founder that the community NEEDS a museum to showcase the past to increase hope for the future. Attracted by the prospects of a life of adventure, liberating relics, discovering ancient cultures and blowing them up, your Sim has enlisted to explore the region and bring back any treasures they find.

Requirements: Post-Cult Leader, a position in the career opens up when a sim rolls the LTW of Space Pirate. Once they reach Level 5/Relic Liberator, the town must build a museum for the sim to progress in their career track. Once the top of the career is reached, it’s unlocked for everyone.

Education: Children are the future, and someone has to teach the town’s bright young minds all they need to know to live a successful life, even if it is in a lead-lined basement with tatty books. Your Sim has felt this calling, and considers themselves the best option these youngsters have.

Requirements: A position opens up once the first child in your town reaches childhood (old enough for education). When there are five teenagers, another position opens. Once the town’s teacher reaches the top of the career, they build a school with town funds ($20,000) and the career is unlocked for everyone with any University degree. Other ways to enter the career: have this LTW.

Gamer: Now the town has electricity and internet available, your Sim indulges themselves with all sorts of electronic entertainment. They’ve become so good at it, in fact, that they’ve been offered a contract as a professional Gamer!

Requirements: After Electricity has been unlocked, the career is open to any Sim who has this LTW (after all, someone who doesn’t wouldn’t want to cost their community a valuable worker for the sake of games) and owns a computer, tv + video game console and arcade game.

Journalism: The Founder dislikes news of the Dog Bites Man variety, and that together with the paper shortage, has lead them to forbid reporting of any news that isn’t actually newsworthy.

Requirements: A position opens up every time there have been 5 burglaries where items have actually been stolen (burglaries interrupted by the burglary alarm do not count), 5 Sim-Instigated fires where an object actually burned down (fires put out by the fire department do not count), or a Sim reaches the top of any career. The career is unlocked once a connection to Downtown has been established.

Law: Wherever more than two Sims are gathered, there are bound to be conflicts. Your Sim has a special talent for negotiating conflict and finding their way in the complex jungle of legal matter, and has offered their services to help keep the peace in town.

Requirements: A position opens up every time a Sim gets furious at someone. To enter the career this way, a Sim needs to have studied Couples Counselling. The career is unlocked for everyone with a University degree in Political Science once the Founder has fulfilled his requirements as a Judge.

Music: As long as anyone has been making an idiot of themselves in public , people have paid them for it. Playing music isn’t any different in that respect. All your Sim needs to start out is an instrument and an audience willing to spare a few simoleons.

However, since this isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, the first sim to reach out musically must have this LTW.

Requirements: The career is unlocked to everyone with the Rock God LTW when at least 3 music instruments are placed on a community lot. Once there have been at least two Rock God/esses, others begin to see the appeal and the career becomes available to everyone.

University Careers:

Artist: As an artist, your most important ability is to get people to pay for your work. Well, that and being able to FIND paints in this day and age. Once you’ve earned enough credibility in the scene, you can paint a garbage can red, call it art and sell it for a pretty price.

Requirements: This career is only open to Sims with an Art degree or to a sim who maxed creativity skill before transitioning to adult. They must also have sold at least 5 masterpieces and have maxed Arts & Crafts hobby enthusiasm.

When a sim who has been in the Artist career for the majority of their life span dies, an art gallery is opened, provided that the sim has left behind at least 10 masterpieces. The Artist career is now unlocked. Any sim wishing to join the career must donate 2 OR MORE masterpieces to the gallery before they may enter the career.

Natural Science: Ever since the disaster, plants have been a little more…lively, and certain events have given your sim a leafy advantage over their competitors. With this innate knowledge, they’re able to wrangle the roses into submission.

Requirements: The career is open for any plantsim. They are the only one who can grow vegetables, and it is their job to provide food for the settlement. Once they have become an Ecological Guru, they are able to convince the flora of the surrounding area to not eat anyone who comes near it (though they keep a little black and white and spotty souvenir of the old type wild plants), and gardening is unlocked for non-plantsims. The career is then open to any sim with a gold gardening badge.

Paranormal: Ghosts, zombies, aliens, werewolves, you name it. Your Sim always knew that the truth was out there, and the apocalypse only confirmed that. Once any two of the following events have occurred, they that they were born for this time and make the best of it.

Requirements: A position opens any two of the following happen: someone has been scared to death by ghosts (and feel free to populate your town with unquiet dead to help with this), 5 DIFFERENT sims have unique memories of seeing 2 ghosts (requires 10 ghosts), an alien is born, or a sim is born with supernatural creature genetics (roll to see if a baby has inherited their parent’s condition, or use my handy ROS file). Once your sim has become a Cult Leader, build them a shrine and send all graves to it. All ghost-related restrictions are now lifted and the career is open to any sim with the Cult Leader LTW.

Show Business: Your Sim is tired of living the quiet life in a small town. They want to escape to the BigCity, get discovered, and become a star. So they can return to their hometown and swank about in front of everyone, of course.

Requirements: The career is open to any Sim with a degree in Political Science, Drama, Economics, or Literature, so long as there is already either a Prestidigitator (top of the Entertainment career) or Professional Party Guest (top of the Slacker career).

The career is unlocked when a cinema is built.

Freetime Careers

Architecture: When the settlers first came to the town, they built their own houses any old how with the supplies they could find. Now the town has access to better building materials, your Sim thinks the time is ripe for someone to step up and draw some plans before a structure gets built.

Requirements: A position opens each time there is a multiple of 10 lots — residential or community, in any combination. It is always freely open to any Sim with an Art, Physics, or Mathematics degree. The career is unlocked when a sim who has worked in both Education AND Architecture opens a community lot representing an architecture studio

Dance: Your Sim has always had a passion for Dance, and now the town has funded the building of a brand new CulturalCenter, he/she finally has a chance to perform in front of an audience that isn’t restricted to their cat. The production’s name? ‘Ode to the Radioactive Rain’, of course.

Requirements: The career is unlocked for everyone once a CulturalCenter ($50,000) has been built.

Entertainment: Making a twit of themselves in front of an audience is just one of the many fears your Sim utterly lacks. When the town built a Cultural Center, they were no longer restricted to doing standup comedy in the local pub, and can now try to fulfil their dreams of entertaining the masses. They’ll need some supporters to get the ball rolling, of course.

Requirements: The career is unlocked for everyone once a CulturalCenter (see above) has been built. Aspiring sims must still have 5 charisma skill points and 5 friends to enter the career, and 10 of each before becoming Prestidigitator.

Intelligence: The Sim City Intelligence Agency doesn’t exist, of course, and it doubly doesn’t exist any more. The talk of vampire secret agents dragging people off for snacking information is all a rumour. Obviously. And the top brass of town has absolutely no knowledge of the secret division that’s been instated in the area. That’s paranoid conspiracy theories for you.

Requirements: The career is unlocked once the top of the Law Enforcement and Military career have been reached, but is only open to Sims who graduated college with a GPA of 4.0.

Oceanography: Big fish, small fish, cuttlefish, starfish… Fish are pretty much your Sim’s whole life. The neighbours might think they smell a bit funny, but they’re living the dream, and that’s what’s important.

Requirements: The career is open to any Sim with a gold fishing talent badge. Once the first Sim reaches the top of the career, it is unlocked for everyone with a University degree in Biology.

Career-related notes:

- If you move in a townie that has a job in a career that does has not been unlocked, they MUST quit. If you move in a townie and they have a job in a career that already has all its available positions filled, either they must quit or have another Sim with that career quit. The fairest way is to have the person with lowest rank quit.

- Teen and Elder jobs count as a position filled in any given career.

- Private school is only unlocked once a sim has reached the position of Education Minister, approving the opening of an additional, private, school.

Pet Careers:

Show Biz: Only pets who have learned all commands (excluding toilet training for cats) may enter this career.

Service: The career opens once phone service options are unlocked (when the population reaches 500).

Security: Only pets whose owner works in Law Enforcement may enter this career.
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